Thoughts on Post-pandemic Weddings

May 2, 2020

The last two months have definitely been the strangest of my life. Everything we knew before has changed. I do believe there are a lot of good changes that are going to come from these difficult days. As a wedding photographer, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and career going forward. I’m by no means an expert at all, but here are some of my thoughts on post-pandemic weddings. As things are trending in the right direction, for now, and the government begins to re-open the economy slowly, I’m looking forward to getting back to work. I know that that work isn’t going to look the same for the next bit – maybe not ever but here are a few things I’ve been pondering.


People will always get married. I know that seems obvious but I truly believe that marriage is important. Weddings are wonderful but it’s the marriage that means something. All the trappings of the day will disappear but the commitment, the vows are what remain.


I think it’s realistic, over the few seasons to think small. The number 50 has been tossed around a lot. It’s where we started when social distancing began and I think it might be where we’re headed as far as a “group” goes  for the near future. I know that might not mean every single person you love can be at your wedding but 50 people will still allow you to celebrate with most of the people you love. Here’s a thought.. If you were planning on 150 people at your wedding, why not have two smaller celebrations? Say your vows in front of your family and have a nice dinner. I’m sure there are many restaurants that would welcome the business when the time comes. And then have a second party with your friends so you can still get dressed up and celebrate!


Elopements are beautiful. Sometimes I think of doing it all again and I think I would elope. Somewhere wonderful and dramatic. You can even elopement with less than five people. Get your photographer to sign the paperwork (and yes, I’ve done this before!) Bring your parents and your best friend. Find a spot that you love – a favourite beach, a forest, your backyard. Remember, the vows are the most important part. The commitment. And as long as you make that, there will be time to celebrate later. I love elopements for their simplicity and I think we will be seeing more and more of them in the future!


So here’s some thoughts on post-pandemic weddings that might not be popular. Let go. In the last few months, everyone has had to let go of things. We’ve all let go of our plans for the future. Many have given up the chance to attend funerals for their loved ones. Graduates have given up the chance to properly say farewell to years of hard work. People have changed travel plans. Teachers and students have given up the rest of their school year together – without proper good-byes. It’s been a time of letting go. And as we’ve done so, I think more and more people have realized that letting go has allowed us to focus on what really matters. So maybe, it’s time to let go of some of the ideas you had for your wedding. Some of the dreams might need to be left behind.


I’ve been married for nearly 17 years now. I was that little girl that grew up dreaming of her wedding. I got married right out of university. We were 23 and basically broke. I loved my wedding a lot but it was not the wedding I had dreamed of as a teenage girl. The funds didn’t allow for the extravagant wedding I’d seen in magazines. I had to let go of nearly all of that. 17 years later, I don’t think about the details of my day. I don’t dream about my dress. I barely remember what the flowers looked like. What I do remember is the feeling. The people. How it felt to promise my life to the one I loved. Focus on those things and I think you’ll feel the freedom to let go of some of your dreams.


There have been lots and lots of couples this year, that in light of government restrictions, have had no choice but to postpone. If you do postpone, don’t be afraid to get married on a Friday. Or get married in the winter. Winter weddings are so beautiful and highly underrated! Jump in with a brand new idea of what wonderful could be. I’m happy to help in any way I can, whether you’re my client or not. And if you need even more help navigating the post-pandemic wedding world, check out these lovely friends that will guide you through it all:

Everlee Event Studio

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Keep scrolling for some of my favourite small but wonderful weddings :)

These two got married at Caffino, an amazing Italian restaurant in Liberty Village with 70 of their closest.

John + Serina’s wedding day started with coffee at their house and culminated with a family only ceremony and lunch at Canoe. There intimate wedding was perfectly understated and one of my all-time favourites.

These two (who happen to be some of our closest friends) celebrated with a small group at a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon.

Nick + Victoria had a small wedding with an intimate reception full of amazing food and great live music.

Jamie + Nadine had the most amazing brewery wedding in Port Perry.

Last May, Nathan + Carina eloped in Big Sur, California. This picture below was their ceremony – five of us. The two of the them, the officiant, Jess and I. And joy of all joys, I got to sign their marriage licence. They celebrated with a big bash in Toronto several months later!

Andrew + Jacy did one of my favourite things – they got married in her parent’s backyard and it was absolute perfection!

Alex + Amrit got married surrounded by only close family and followed it up with a backyard party the next day with more friends and family.

City Hall can also be a great option. Heather + Dave exchanged vows at City Hall followed by the most beautiful winter photoshoot.

Just days before the pandemic changed our lives, these two said their vows at City Hall and met up with Jess and I for some beautiful photos.

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