This is the story of a small town girl living in the big city and her camera.

I love Jesus. I love to sing. I love exploring Toronto with my husband and my girls. I love to travel and airports make me downright giddy (embarrassingly so). I love flowers and folk music. I love Dr. Pepper and candy. Sour keys are my favourite and played a huge part in the early days of my relationship with my husband. My favourite time of the day is falling into bed at night and it takes me mere moments to fall asleep. I dream a lot and every morning I wake up with a different song in my head. I love parties and celebrating. Most of all, I love LOVE and I can't believe I get to capture it every week.

I'm a Christ-follower, a happy wife and a mother to four girls. At one time, I was an elementary school teacher and I stepped away from that a few years ago to pursue Wee Three Sparrows full-time. I've always loved taking pictures. I had little pink film camera back in the 90's and took a bunch of rolls of film on my honeymoon to Germany back in 2003. I bought my first serious camera in 2008 and it's been such an adventure since. I've always loved art but I've never been able to paint or draw. Photography has finally allowed me to visually represent to others how I see the world and that makes me so happy!


i'm rebecca


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