Toronto Photographer | Year in Review | Twenty Sixteen

I love looking forward to a new year. I think it’s a wonderful chance to look back on the year that has just passed and look ahead to the year before us. 2016 was quite the year. It had some really amazing things and some really hard things too. In most ways, I’m ready to move forward. My business grew far beyond my wildest dreams in 2016. Twenty-six weddings and forty-four sessions. My weekends were busy and my evenings full of editing. I had some great experiences and made some wonderful new friends. There were also some harder sides to the business (some that I’m still processing) but I suppose that is to be expected with growth. I feel like I’ve learned a lot… About who I want to work with and who I don’t. I’ve learned to have a thicker-skin (or maybe I’m still learning that). I’ve learned that there are some people that won’t be happy no matter what I do. But more than all that, I’ve worked with some really amazing people. And I’ve had the privilege of capturing their first leg of so many journeys. It truly is an honour and a privilege.

It was a wonderful year for our family. The girls are growing and thriving and they are all so full of life. I was reminded this year that life is short and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. So I tried… To love them well and to savour each moment, no matter how hectic. We renovated our kitchen over a weekend in April. We celebrated our 13th anniversary, six birthdays and lots of great report cards. We traveled. I saw Iceland and Ireland (for a few hours at least) and Spain. I spent time back in Nashville with my sweet friend. We took the girls to Ottawa and Prince Edward County and Niagara Falls. It really was a beautiful year… with the good and the great and the hard. And once again, I give thanks for the Lord’s sustaining Grace and so many blessings. Happy New Year!

So without further ado, just a few of my favourites from this year (it’s so hard to choose). So many wonderful memories.

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